LG 642L InstaView Door-In-Door French Door Fridge with Ice & Water Dispenser – Matte BlackGF-V700MBLC

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Fresh design, fresh innovation
  • Modern kitchen interior with InstaView fridge.
  • Modern Flat Door
  • Seamless design
  • The front view of a black glass InstaView refrigerator with the light on inside. Hands tapping on InstaView screen.
  • Sleek InstaView™ Window
  • Knock twice to see inside
  • A person is holding a cup containing a drink in one hand and scooping craft ice in the other hand.
  • Craft Ice™ Maker
  • Entertain like a baller
  • A person is getting water from the refrigerator dispenser in a cup
  • UVnano® Water Dispenser
  • Built-in UV LED light
Flat door finish for a modern design

Contemporary elegance for your kitchen

The flat door and pocket handle add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
*Please refer to installation instructions and dimensions for cabinetry clearance requirements.

Available Colours

InstaView Door-in-Door®

Knock twice to see inside

Two knocks on the glass to see inside without opening the door, preventing cold air from escaping and helping keep food fresher for longer.
Craft Ice™ Maker

Entertain like a baller

Automatically make slow-melting round ice at home without the work. Entertain like a baller and keep drinks ice cold for the long haul. 
*Shape and clarity of ice will be impacted when Craft Ice™ is initially activated; may vary with settings, home use and water supply.
UVnano® Water Dispenser

Built-in UV LED light helps keep the nozzle clean

The UV LED light built into the water dispenser automatically reduces up to 99.99%* of bacteria from the water nozzle.
A video starts zoomed in on the water dispenser. The exterior of the refrigerator goes clear and now the interior of the door and mechanical parts of the dispenser nozzle can be seen. The video zooms in further to show the water droplets as they fall through the UVnano part of the nozzle which reduces the bacteria. The view zooms back out to see the exterior of the refrigerator again as water is being dispensed into a glass.

*Reduction of E. coli, S. aureus and P. aeruginosa when UV LED is activated 10min/hr over a 24hr period. The product does not treat or cure health-related conditions.
The crisp factor

Stay fresh for longer

LG’s advanced cooling technology helps keep your fresh produce fresher for longer.
LG ThinQ®

Smart control, smart life

With a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ® app you can remotely adjust your fridge settings, so you’re ready to accommodate the latest grocery run.*
*LG ThinQ® app available on compatible Android or iOS smartphones. Phone and Home Wi-Fi Data connection and product registration with LG ThinQ® required. Visit for features, system compatibility and service availability which may vary by country and model. 
*2 years parts and labour warranty on the product, additional 3 years parts only warranty on sealed refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, dryer and tubing) and additional 5 years parts only warranty on the compressor. 

Functional design with a premium touch

Close-up of the extra space inside the refrigerator

Extra Space Built-in

On the left, a shelf was spread out inside the refrigerator and a low food container was placed, and on the right, the shelf was folded in the same position and a high bottle was placed.

Retractable Shelf

Inside the refrigerator, a slim indoor ice maker is highlighted in blue and the refrigerator is full of ingredients

Slim Spaceplus® Ice System

Close-up of metal fresh label inside the refrigerator.

Sleek Finishes

A diagonal view of the shelf with metallic paneling on the interior of the refrigerator.

Metallic Decoration

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