Hisense 454L PureFlat Quad Door French Door Fridge with Water Dispenser- Stainless Steel HRCD454SW

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Feature-rich and offering a generous interior capacity, the HHisense 454L PureFlat Quad Door French Door Fridge with Water Dispenser is a noteworthy appliance for the modern household. With its built-in ice and water dispenser and multi airflow system, this fridge is your one-stop solution for keeping food and other grocery items fresh for longer.

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Optimum Cooling

Featuring a multi airflow cooling system, the Hisense PureFlat French Door Fridge delivers consistent cold air distribution to each compartment. Thanks to this innovative cooling method, you are assured that your fridge’s interior maintains an optimal storing temperature.

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Flexible Storage

The Hisense PureFlat French Door Fridge has customisable shelf configurations providing the needed flexibility to accommodate bulky items like pitchers, tumblers, and bottles. For added versatility, you can change the third drawer to a fridge or freezer depending on your needs.

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Cold Drinks Anytime

This French Door Fridge has a built-in water and ice dispenser, so you can be sure that a supply of chilled drinks is always at hand. Integrated with Frost Free technology, this refrigerator also prevents ice from building up on your stored goods.

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Easy to Use

Thanks to its strategically placed LED lighting, this Hisense Fridge provides ample illumination so you can easily locate whatever you need inside. For convenient operation and access to its features, this fridge comes with an intuitive touch control panel.

French Door PureFlat SS 454L
Open your world to luxury with the 454 litre Hisense 4-door refrigerator, a new level of sophistication added to the PureFlat collection range. The Stainless Steel door finish encapsulate true minimalist design, giving a luxurious look and consistent feel to any new or remodeled kitchen. Features include inverter technology, triple-zone and non-plumbed water dispenser. 
All Around Cooling 
Provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment maintaining ideal storing temperatures. 
Just the right Height 
The convenience of any appliance is the ability to adjust to best suit. Although may be overlooked adjusting the height of shelves provides the opportunity to customise the internal space that bests your needs. 
Keep it Fresh with Twin Cooling 
This technology cools your Refrigerator and Freezer separately to maintain accurate control and allowing for better humidity control throughout. 
No Ice Build Up 
No more discovering Siberia when you open your freezer with ice build-up all over your produce? Frost Free technology removes the frost build-up , clever! 
Now that’s Flexibility! 
Don’t compromise when it comes to storing different type of produce in your Refrigerator. The ‘My Fresh Choice’ feature provides 3 settings that give you the flexibility to store your food at recommended temperatures.  You can choose to either deep freeze at -18C, medium freeze at -12C or even light feeze at -5C.  
Power of LED 
Strategically placed LED lighting brightens every corner of your refrigerator while reducing heat and energy output. Its space-saving design leaves more room for groceries. 
Pure Flat Design 
Focusing on the modern kitchen concept, the modern flat door design and the 610mm depth of the fridge cabinet can be well integrated with your kitchens existing cabinets. 

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