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Hisense factory seconds

Hisense factory seconds offers the best possible prices on quality appliances. While Hisense have a very high standard, there is always the possibility that products do not meet it. This is why 2nds Appliances is able to offer you factory seconds, which allows us to pass our durability and quality to you at a fraction of their original cost.

Discover the range of beautiful design and versatility with Hisense fashionable refrigeration appliances. Featuring cooling systems and intuitive controls, discover some great features that makes the Hisense refrigeration range truly excellent.

To stay ahead of the competition, Hisense is committed to providing you with quality products.

As a result, a small percentage of our appliances are deemed ‘seconds’ by inspectors and are sold at a reduced price here on our website. Generally these seconds have minor cosmetic defects but remain functional and in good condition.

For original Hisense appliances please visit –

From sophisticated smarts and good looks, to clever cooling technology, discover some of the great features that makes the Hisense refrigeration range truly excellent.

Our Hisense appliances are specially manufactured for Australia and have been discounted due to factory flaws. Although deemed as second to none, there may be slight cosmetic imperfections such as light scratches or small dents. Our Refrigeration Experts will help you make your decision on this product with complete confidence knowing that it is backed by our warranty – that’s peace of mind!

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