Westinghouse 50cm Under Cupboard Rangehood WRI514BB

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The Westinghouse 50cm Under Cupboard Rangehood is designed to efficiently clear cooking vapours from your kitchen while you prepare meals, allowing you and your family to breathe easy. This rangehood is finished in dark stainless steel to add style and sophistication to your kitchen. 

Rangehoods can overwhelm kitchen spaces but this rangehood’s integrated, under-cupboard design gives your kitchen a streamlined look for a clean and sleek aesthetic. Additionally, thanks to its cupboard integration, noise from the unit is minimised. This means you can prepare meals without needing to raise your voice while talking to your family or entertaining guests. The LED lighting lets you see clearly and monitor your food closely while it cooks. Maintaining your rangehood requires minimal effort thanks to the removable micro-mesh filters. These are designed to be dishwasher safe, or you can simply wash by hand for your convenience. 

If you are looking for a rangehood that is unobtrusive and gets the job done, look no further than this under cupboard rangehood from Westinghouse.

This under cupboard rangehood can be integrated into cabinetry so most of the unit is away from view. This provides an uncluttered, minimalist appearance to suit contemporary kitchens.

This ultra-efficient rangehood boasts an extraction rate of 690m3/hr. This means you can depend on this appliance to clear odours and vapours from your kitchen rapidly.

Clean and well-maintained rangehood filters ensure efficient operation. For greater convenience, the aluminium micro-mesh filters in this rangehood can be easily removed for cleaning. You can then hand wash these or put them in the dishwasher for fuss-free maintenance.

Thanks to LED lighting, this rangehood provides bright and even illumination so you can keep a close eye on your dishes as they sizzle and simmer away. This long-lasting lighting system has low energy consumption, making it an efficient and reliable option.

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