Samsung 9kg Bespoke Smart Heat Pump Dryer with Silent Dry – Black DV90BB9440GB

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Intelligent Dry, Bespoke Design

Dry with less energy

9 Star Energy Rating

Heat Pump Technology offers a gentle and energy efficient way to dry clothes. It has an impressive 9 star rating for energy efficiency because it uses a ‘refrigerant’ to heat the air, instead of electricity. It also recycles air to help reduce energy usage.

The DV9400B is energy efficiency A+++ dryer with a top energy level. Heat Pump Technology saves energy & money. Icons at the bottom of the dryer explains drying process.

Dry with intelligence

AI Dry

Enjoy quick and more precise drying2 with AI Dry technology with 8 sensors. By continually sensing the temperature and humidity of the clothes in the drum it intelligently adjusts and optimises drying performance while being gentle on clothes.

2 Compared to Samsung dryer models not featuring AI Dry.

Minimalist and seamless design


Enhance your home with a sleek, premium look. The simple and flat design paired with chrome trimming around the tempered glass door, allows it to blend harmoniously with almost any laundry aesthetic. The minimalism is even reflected on the control panel, providing a simplified and intuitive experience. You can even choose the direction that the reversible door opens to suit the layout of your home. You can simply change which side opens to fit your preference and location.

Bespoke Laundry stacked in a kitchen, black washer and dryer models

Intelligent design and control

Personalised AI Settings & All in One Control

Powerful AI Control personalises your drying experience by remembering your habits, suggesting cycles and displaying timely information6. It even selects the optimal drying course for a wash cycle7. You can even control both the washer and the dryer from one control panel, especially when the dryer is stacked up on the washer and the controls are hard to reach. The All-in-One control can be flexibly changed to control either8 – just select washer or dryer for easy access.

The AI dryer’s control panel displays the Cycle suggestion, Habits learning, Informative display and guide.
  • 6 Cycles will be arranged in accordance with the frequency of usage after 10 washes. Before 10 washes, the list will remain in its default sequence. Cycle suggestions continuously evolve according to usage patterns.
    7 Auto Cycle Link is only available when both the washer and dryer have AI Control and Wi Fi connected
    8 All-in-one Control is only available on matching Samsung washer and dryer, are stacked and connected.

Control and Monitor from your phone

SmartThings App Enabled14

Connect your dryer to your smartphone through the SmartThings App to get advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting. Give yourself more control instead of letting your laundry control you.

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