Samsung 648L Non-Plumbed French Door Refrigerator with Internal Beverage Centre SRF7400BB

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Excellent addition to a variety of Kitchens

Excellent addition to a variety of Kitchens

Water and ice without the fuss

Non-plumbed Design

Our most popular fridge now comes in a non-plumbed design. Install the fridge anywhere without the hassle of plumbing or untidy pipes. With a large 3.5L built-in water tank, you can enjoy chilled water or ice straight from the fridge door – simply fill up and its good to go!

Placed in a stylish kitchen, the refrigerator has a two-tone finish that blends seamlessly with the tones of the room. Clean Pink, Clean Navy, Clean White, Satin Beige, Satin Grey, Satin Sky Blue, Cotta White and Cotta Charcoal Bespoke Panels are available for refrigerator doors.

Flat door outside. Water Dispenser Inside.

Internal Beverage Centre™

We’ve moved the water dispenser inside for a seamless, flat door design outside, and created a handy and hygienic beverage station inside. The autofill water jug, water dispenser and drinks storage are all within easy reach in our Beverage Centre™.

Beverage Center’s Autofill Pitcher is next to the Water Dispenser, which has a Washable Nozzle that pours water into a cup.

Nice Ice Baby

Single Auto Ice Maker

Ensure that you always have plenty of ice to stay cool when the weather is warm. With the Auto Ice Maker, you can dispense ice cubes on demand with the non-plumbed water tank.

SmartThings at Home


You can see your favorite recipes and meal plan in SmartThings Cooking.

Control and monitor from your phone

SmartThings App Enabled*

Connect your refrigerator to your smartphone through the SmartThings App to manage food, recipes, energy monitoring and troubleshooting. Take care of your food and your refrigerator easily.

* Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi Fi connection, bluetooth and a Samsung account are required.

Store in the door. Free up internal fridge space.

Big Bottle Door Bins

Keep large bottles and jugs within convenient reach, right inside the door. The deep door bins provide plenty of room for those BIG 3L milk and 2L soft drink bottles, without crowding out the internal fridge space.

The icons show the function of AI energy mode.

Preserve freshness in your food

All-around Cooling

No matter where your food is stored in the fridge, it will be cooled. All-around Cooling technology continually checks the internal temperature and blows out cold air when needed. Multiple air vents on every shelf help ensure even distribution of cold air from corner to corner to help keep your food fresh.

All-around Cooling technology continually checks the internal temperature and blows out cold air when needed.

Fast, cold, blast.

Power Cool

At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge, so foods and drinks are chilled quickly.

A bottle of white wine is being chilled in ice with Power Cool, and a steak is being frozen quickly with Power Freeze.

The quiet achiever

The quiet achiever

Enjoy energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently adjusts operating speed in response to cooling demand and is backed by a 20 years limited parts warranty to give you peace of mind.*

* 20 years limited parts warranty on The Digital Inverter Compressor. See warranty card or visit for full details.

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