Saeco Aulika Focus Evo Automatic Coffee Machine

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fully automatic coffee machine that can make cappuccinos and lattes with a single touch of a button. It’s the perfect coffee maker for your office kitchen!

The Saeco Aulika Focus Evo grinds beans, makes espressos, and froths your milk expertly without having you tinker with too many settings. Its capacitive interface is intuitive to use so you always get the coffee you want.

One-Touch Coffees 

The Saeco Aulika Focus Evo delivers delicious coffee in the easiest way possible with its one-touch drinks. The backlit capacitive interface offers one-touch options for making espresso, double espresso, long black, cappuccino, and latte macchiato. There’s also a button for dispensing hot water and milk. Although fully automated, the Aulika Focus gives you the option to adjust coffee strength.

Pro Settings 

The built-in conical grinder has 7 grind settings so you can choose the perfect grind size for the type of coffee that you’re using. You can also set how strong you want your coffees to be by choosing between a dose range of 6-10 grams. And to ensure the best extraction in every shot, this coffee machine has automatic preinfusion.

Pinless-Wonder Cappuccinatore 

Saeco’s powerful milk frother is mounted on the coffee machine’s nose, by the dispenser. It can draw milk straight from its original container, whether that’s a jug or a box. The cappuccinatore can be oriented from either side of the machine, letting you choose the best position for your milk depending on the space available.

Saeco Aulika Focus Evo Automatic Coffee Machine Features

Fully automatic – Grinds beans, brews coffee, and froths your milk with one touch.

7 grind settings – Adjustable grind settings to match any type of coffee or roast.

Adjustable coffee strength – Choose between a dosage of 6-10 grams of coffee per shot/drink for the perfect coffee strength.

Preinfusion – Electronic preinfusion for the best coffee extraction.

2-cup brewing – The double spout lets you make two cups of single-shot espressos at the same time.

Capacitive interface – The backlit interface is easy-to-read and intuitive to use.

One-touch coffee preparations – A dedicated button for creating cappuccinos, long blacks, espressos, and lattes.

Photorealistic beverage icons – Fun and helpful photorealistic icons for the drinks.

Adjustable coffee dispenser – The height of the coffee dispenser can be adjusted to accommodate different types of cups and glasses.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Saeco Aulika Focus Evo Automatic Coffee Machine


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