LG 515L Top Mount Fridge GT-515BPL

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LG’s fridge with inverter compressor technology delivers energy-efficient cooling to your home. With 515L of total capacity you’ll be able to store all of the fresh and frozen food and drink required to feed a family of four or five. The fully adjustable interior can be a big help here allowing you to rearrange the glass shelves and door bins to neatly fit plates bottles cans and more without mess or fuss.

A freezer at the top of this fridge can come in handy if you eat a lot of frozen food as it places these items right at eye level where they’re easy to access. A handy twist ice maker is also included in the freezer for enjoying fresh ice cubes whenever you please.

Inverter compressor technology allows this fridge to speed up and slow down its motor to maintain a consistently cool temperature throughout the interior. As this motor includes its own 10 year parts warranty you can be confident in its ongoing performance.

A Bioshield on this fridge’s door seals helps to prevent the spread of germs and mould through the fridge which in turn helps to keep your food fresher for longer.

You can rearrange the strong tempered glass shelves however you prefer inside this fridge allowing you to conveniently fit larger and smaller items inside. Several of the door bins are also adjustable so you can also arrange your bottles cans and dairy products to your liking.

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