LG 9kg Heat Pump Dryer with Inverter Control – Black Steel DVH9-09B

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9kg Heat Pump Dryer with Inverter Control in Black Steel Finish
  • Super Efficient 9 Star Energy Rating
  • Remove common household allergens with Allergy Care™
  • Auto Clean Condenser – Helps Maintain Performance
  • Remotely Monitor with ThinQ® (Wi-Fi)
  • CHOICE Recommended April 2022
  • Super Efficient 9 Star Energy Rating 
  • By utilising a compressor instead of an electric heater to create hot air, LG heat pump dryers use less electricity than traditional vented dryers.
  • Eco Hybrid Technology 
  • This technology provides the option to either select a dryer setting that conserves energy or a setting that reduces drying time depending on your requirements and preferences.
  • Gentle Care 
  • By selecting a low heat setting on the dryer the likelihood of fabric shrinkage and creasing can be reduced.
  • Allergy Care™ 
  • Common household allergens such as dust mites can be removed from dried clothes.
  • Auto Cleaning Condenser® 
  • Helps maintain performance 
  • The dryer performs an automatic condenser clean function during the drying process to help maintain overall dryer performance.
*The cleanliness of the condenser may differ depending on the operating environment. 
  • Double Layer Air Filter 
  • The dryer air filter has two separate sections to help capture lint from drying clothes.
  • Prevent Over Drying with Sensor Dry 
  • Sensors on the LG dryer monitor the heat exchange, moisture and air temperature for optimal drying results. The sensors automatically control the drying time and temperature based on the selected program and help prevent over drying.
  • Reversible Door 
  • The dryer door hinge can be relocated on either side of the opening to get the optimal fit for your laundry.
  • No External Venting Required 
  • LG Condenser Dryers remove the need to fit external venting kits in your laundry making installation easier.
  • ThinQ® 
  • ThinQ® technology puts this dryer in a class of its own. Intelligent features let you remotely start or monitor your dryer. You can also track energy consumption, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and download additional drying cycles.*

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