Hisense 609L PureFlat Quad Door French Door Fridge – Stainless Steel HRCD609S

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With a large storage capacity and optimum cooling performance, the Hisense 609L PureFlat Quad Door French Door is a handy solution for keeping perishables fresh for extended durations.

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 Optimum Air Distribution

Optimum Air Distribution

The Hisense 609L PureFlat Quad Door French Door Fridge comes with a Multi-Air Flow feature, which provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment to help keep your perishables fresh for longer.

 Ample Capacity

Ample Capacity

Whether you’re looking to store a week’s worth of food supply or leftovers from yesterday’s meal, the Hisense Fridge’s generous 609L capacity has you covered. Plus, it has built-in compartments with variable temperature settings to suit your needs.

 Sleek, Contemporary Design

Sleek, Contemporary Design

With a PureFlat door design and a stainless steel finish, the Hisense 609L PureFlat Quad Door French Door Fridge encapsulates minimalist design, giving your kitchen a chic, contemporary look.

French Door Stainless 609L
Open your kitchen to the 609 litre Hisense 4-door refrigerator, featuring its Pure Flat design. The Pure Flat Stainless door finish encapsulate true minimalist design, giving a timeless appearance and consistent feel to any new or remodeled kitchen. Featuring three separate compartments allow you to adjust temperature according to your needs. The My Fresh Choice Plus zone can be converted from a fridge or a freezer, how good! To top it off the 609L French Door is engineered for efficiency with its Inverter Compressor Motor.
Inverter Technology 
Hisense’s Inverter Technology always maintains ideal temperatures meaning superior energy efficiency, a quieter fridge and better cooling resulting in a everyday reliability for your family.  
Pure Flat Design 
Focusing on the modern kitchen concept, the modern flat door design and the 610mm depth of the fridge cabinet can be well integrated with your kitchens existing cabinets.  
All Around Cooling 
Provides consistent cold air distribution throughout each compartment maintaining ideal storing temperatures. 
Keep it Fresh with Twin Cooling 
This technology cools your Refrigerator and Freezer separately to maintain accurate control and allowing for better humidity control throughout. 
No Ice Build Up 
No more discovering Siberia when you open your freezer with ice build-up all over your produce? Frost Free technology removes the frost build-up , clever! 
My Fresh Choice Plus 
Don’t compromise when it comes to storing different type of produce in your Refrigerator. The ‘My Fresh Choice Plus’ feature provides 3 settings that give you the flexibility to store your food at a wider range of temperatures.  You can choose to either deep freeze at -18C, medium freeze at -9C or even 5C. 

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