Haier 90cm Induction Cooktop Five Zones with Flexi Zone HCI905FTB3

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This 90cm induction cooktop offers precise, instant-response cooking performance and energy efficient induction technology.

There are five cooking zones available for versatile cooking, each with immediate and precise heat control, including a boost function for when time is of the essence. You can also take advantage of the innovative FlexiZone, which combines two zones into one larger zone. Ideal for cooking with larger or irregularly shaped cookware. A ‘cool to touch’ induction surface only heats when a pot or pan is placed on the surface, making for a safer family kitchen environment. The elegant slider touch controls are a pleasure to use, and can be locked in order to prevent any meddling of your settings.

Cleaning is made easy thanks to the sleek black glass finish, a quick wipe after you’re done cooking will keep your cooktop looking as good as new.

When you want to make gravy in a roasting dish or grill on a griddle, simply pair flexi zones to make a large cooking area, bringing even more flexibility to your induction cooktop.

This induction cooktop has instant-response and heats rapidly, with precision control and a boost function when you’re in a hurry.

With a cool-to-touch feature for safety, the cooktop does not heat up until cookware is placed on top making it safer for pets and curious little hands.

The sleek single ceramic-glass surface looks good in any space. And keeping it clean is a breeze, requiring only a quick wipe after the surface has cooled down.

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