Samsung 9kg Heat Pump Dryer – White DV90T7440BT

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Dry clothes hygienically

Hygiene Care+

Sanitise both dry and wet clothes with Hygiene Care+ cycle¹ without affecting the drying performance. By infusing clothes with high temperature heat while drying, it helps remove up to 99% of germs².

The clean laundry is in the dryer full of heat, and the 99% anti-germs and the Intertek quality logos are on the side.
DV7000T is energy-efficient with 9 star energy rating, AI Control and Super Speed functions.

Optimal Drying Performance

AI Dry System

Enjoy quick and more precise drying³ with AI Dry System and 8 sensor technology. By continually sensing the temperature and humidity of the clothes in the drum, it intuitively controls and optimises drying performance while being gentle on clothes.

Moisture, Temperature, and Heat Exchanger Cleaning sensors monitor the progress of the dryer.

Laundry done in 2 hours

Super Speed

Get small, mixed loads of cotton and synthetics up to 3kg dry in just 81 minutes⁴ when you’re in a hurry. Or pair with the Super Speed wash cycle in our QuickDrive™ washers and your clothes can be washed and dried in as little as 2 hours.

On top of washing and drying shirts, the arrows surrounding the dryer door show the time spend on washing and drying.

Dry small loads quickly

35 mins Quick Dry

No time to waste? No worries. The Quick Dry cycle will have small 1kg load of clothing dry and ready to wear in 35 mins⁵ by using high heat.

Underneath a dried-up light blue shirt, there is a clock icon with the word “35 minutes.”

9-star energy

Heat Pump Technology

Heat Pump Technology offers a gentle and energy-efficient way to dry clothes. It has an impressive 9-star rating for energy efficiency because it uses a ‘refrigerant’ to heat the air, instead of electricity. It also recycles air to help reduce energy usage.

Heat Pump Technology offers top-level energy efficiency and cost-saving benefits through the process displayed on the dryer.

Intelligent drying

AI Control

Dry laundry easily and effectively with AI Control. The Heat Pump personalises drying by remembering your habits, suggesting cycles and displaying timely information. The SmartThings App⁶ provides advice on cycles, planning and troubleshooting. When paired with the matching Samsung washer, it selects the perfect drying course for a wash cycle⁷ with Auto Cycle Link.

The AI dryer’s control panel displays the Cycle suggestion, Habits learning, Informative display and guide.

Air Wash

Air Wash technology helps deodorise and refresh your clothes between washes so they smell fresh the next time you wear them. Using heated air, unpleasant odours can be removed without water, detergent or other chemicals.

To show cleanliness, a strong air current is being blown to a white shirt where it stands next to an open dryer door.

Minimise wrinkles

Wrinkle Prevent

Reduce wrinkles and save time ironing. Simply select Wrinkle Prevent and, once the drying cycle ends, it intermittently turns the drum without heat for up to 180 minutes. This helps prevent clothes from resting in one place for too long while hot and avoids creases on the fabric.

The white shirt is spinning inside the drum. A wrinkled shirt becomes wrinkle-free after the drying cycle.

Made to fit

Reversible Door

Choose the direction the reversible door opens to suit the layout of your laundry. Simply change which side it opens to fit the location, what’s around it and how you do things. The transparent door makes it easy to check what’s inside at a glance.

DV7000T dryer with doors opened to both sides shows the reversible feature at a glance.

Easy maintenance

2-in-1 Filter

Maintain your dryer easily to optimise performance. The innovative 2-in-1 Filter has a two-layered mesh filter that collects lint in one location for easy 1-step cleaning. It even comes with two alarms to remind you when the Filter and Heat Exchanger need cleaning.

The 2-in-1 Filter spread open, and a line indicates the position of the 2-in-1 Filter in the door opened dryer.

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