Samsung 647L BESPOKE Canvas French Door Refrigerator with Internal Beverage Centre™ – SRFX9550N

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Built to suit your lifestyle

Built to suit your lifestyle Bespoke

Express yourself with colour

Bespoke – Customisable Design

Bring your personal style into the kitchen. You may design your own fridge choosing from 7 stunning colours in selected finishes including matte metal, high gloss glass or frosted satin glass. To customise a fridge that’s unique to your home, use our tool here.

BESPOKE refrigerator custom panelsFlat door outside. Water dispenser inside. 

Beverage Centre™ with Autofill Jug

The handy and hygienic beverage station is inside the door equipped with the Autofill Infuser Jug and water dispenser. The water jug automatically refills each time its placed back in the fridge² so you always have access to cold water. Feeling fancy? Add some flavour to the infuser for a refreshing twist.

If you place a Pitcher at the left station, the water will autofill with an infused fruit or herbs of your choice. Place the cup under the nozzle and you can drink water like a general water purifier. The nozzle of beverage center is detachable and washable.

Nice Ice Baby

Dual Auto Ice Maker

You’ll be prepared for any occasion that calls for entertaining with two different types of ice. The Dual Auto Ice Maker makes both Cubed Ice and Ice Bites™, which chill drinks fast. It can make up to 2.7kg of ice a day and store up to 3.1kg⁴. As it’s in the freezer it frees up space in the fridge.

Dual Auto Ice Maker offers the convenience of both Cubed Ice and Ice Bites.

FlexZone™ + Flex Crisper™

Need more fridge space? With just one touch, the bottom left freezer can be turned into a fridge for extra storage and switched back to Freezer mode when needed. Perfect for entertaining!

The Crisper+ drawer, in the upper left part of the fridge, is filled with different fruits, while Flex Crisper, in the upper right, is holding two seasoned steak. On the bottom right of the fridge is the FlexZone, which has three pieces of salmon.

UV Deodorising Filter

UV Deodorising Filter

A new built in deodorising filter helps reduce odours caused by bacteria⁵. It also features a UV light that continuously cleans the surface of the filter for hassle free maintenance. Easy!

A built-in deodorizing filter uses UV light to continuously reduces odors and keep the inside air fresh and purified.

Fast, cold, blast

Power Cool Function

At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge, so foods and drinks are chilled quickly.

Power Cool Function image wine bottle

Keep things fresh

Water Filter – HAF-QIN

Samsung water filters use high grade carbon block to help remove substances that may be present in your water, including chlorine, microbial cysts, heavy metals and chemicals.

One filter ships as standard with this model refrigerator. When the filter light indicator turns red, it’s time to replace your filter.⁶ 

Samsung water filter HAF-QIN

The quiet achiever

Digital Inverter Technology

Enjoy energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently adjusts operating speed in response to cooling demand and is backed by a 20 years limited parts warranty to give you peace of mind¹ 

Digital Inverter Technology 10 year warranty on the compressor

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