Samsung 387L BESPOKE Modular Single Door Refrigerator with pink Door Panels – SDFX3100N

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Even and optimum cooling

All- Around Cooling

The All-around Cooling system cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner. Multiple vents on every shelf blows cold air out evenly to help maintain a consistent temperature to help keep food fresh. Easy clean Metal Cooling plate helps the fridge cool down fast, thanks to its high thermal conductivity.

Even and optimum cooling

Keep your vegetables and fruits fresh

Humidity control box

The Humidity Control Vegetable Box keeps even more fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time, especially as it’s large enough to store bulky items. It continually adjusts the moisture level to maintain the optimal humidity by automatically opening and closing a vent to hold in or release moisture.You can lower or increase moisture by turning the Humidity Control lever left or right.

Neatly store your favourite wines

Wine Rack

Organise and neatly store your wine with our handy Wine Rack. It is designed to store bottles of wine so they don’t roll around, without taking up precious shelf space. It can be set up on either the upper or lower fridge compartments for easy access so you can enjoy a glass of deliciously chilled wine whenever you like.

wine rack

Easily fits in tall and large items

Slide & Fold Shelf

The Slide & Fold shelf adds flexibility to your storage requirements. It slides in and out and can be easily folded to fit various sized items, including large and bulky containers, for maximum space efficiency.

The RR7000M Fridge's shelf is indicated by an arrow that folds inward, and wine bottles can be placed.

Fast, cold, blast

Power Cool

At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the fridge, so food and drinks are chilled quickly. 

Below the wine, the graph shows that Fridge operates faster than normal mode when using Power Mode.

Move food anywhere

Take-out Tray

Store and access your favorite and frequently used things, like cheese or spreads, more easily. The tray can be used as a drawer in the fridge or it can be taken out, so you can easily reach everything. And because it’s transparent you can quickly see what’s inside.

The Take-Out Tray inside the RR7000M Fridge is full of food and is slightly out.

Opens how you want

Reversible door⁴

Simply choose the direction that your fridge opens to suit the layout of your home. The door can be reversed by changing the hinges over for the ultimate convenience.

The door of the RR7000M Fridge is open and full of food, and there is a Fridge, 385L icon in the lower right corner.

See it all

LED Lighting

Find ingredients easily, even at night. Low profile, high efficiency, long lasting LED lighting brilliantly illuminates every corner of the fridge compartment, so everything is clearly visible.

The inside of the Bespoke RR7000M Fridge is visible and the LED light is on at the top.

The quiet achiever

Digital Inverter Technology

Enjoy energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. The Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently adjusts operating speed in response to cooling demand and is backed by a 20 years limited parts warranty to give you peace of mind¹.

RR7000M installed in the kitchen with the 10 Year Warranty on the compressor for Digital Inverter™ Technology logo.

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How to measure

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