LG 665L Flat Door French Door Fridge Stainless Steel GF-B700PL

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The LG 665 litre Flat Door French Door Fridge in stainless steel is a true combination of elegance and innovation. 

The Flat Door Design adds a touch of modern sophistication to your kitchen space. Equipped with Multi Air Flow technology, it ensures consistent cooling throughout – maintaining food freshness and taste.

Powered by an advanced inverter linear compressor, this fridge operates quietly while delivering energy efficiency.

With the addition of the flat metal duct, this fridge not only offers optimal performance but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

With low vibration and minimal moving parts the LG Inverter Linear Compressor is quiet and durable. As the heart of your refrigerator we back the Inverter Linear Compressor with a 10 year parts warranty.

With a compatible smartphone and LG ThinQ app you can remotely adjust your fridge settings, so you’re ready to accommodate the latest grocery run.

A fresh approach, air vents located in the rear of the fridge direct cold air into the fridge cavity to help keep food fresh.LG’s advanced cooling technology helps keep your fresh produce fresher for longer.

Elevate your kitchen with contemporary elegance. The flat door design and discreet pocket handle combine to add a touch of sophistication to your culinary space.

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