Hisense HRSBS652B 652L Side by Side Fridge (Black) HRSBS652B

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5.5 Star Energy Rating
The 5.5 Star-rated Side-By-Side fridge is now the market leader in energy efficiency in the Side-by-Side category. Using Hisense’s most advanced refrigeration tech, such as the Durable Inverter Motor and Vacuum Insulation Panels, this fridge consumes only 347 kWh of energy per year, as opposed to a 3-star energy rated fridge that uses 545kWh a year, this means you’re helping the environment while saving money! Now that’s sustainability & efficiency, side-by-side.

Durable Inverter technology
Fridges with Inverter Technology can help you save energy and, in turn, save you money. Inverter Technology monitors the conditions inside your fridge and manages the output accordingly, ensuring a more stable internal temperature, which helps extend the life of your appliance and reduce the amount of energy used by your appliance.

PureFlat Design
The seamless premium design, with flat door design and recessed handles, makes better use of space and creates a seamless built-in look, perfect for modern kitchens.

Recessed Handle
The two metal recessed handles elevate the refrigerator’s appearance and ensure the whole family can access the fridge effortlessly.

Metal-Tech Cooling
The rear wall of the fridge is overlaid with a metal panel, which, when combined with air vents on each shelf, ensures that cool air is distributed evenly throughout the entire fridge, eliminating cooler or warmer spots. A metal backing gives a premium finish and feel, so your fridge looks cool from the inside out.

Large Capacity
Hisense’s large capacity refrigerators ensure you can store any shape, size or type of food, meeting all your weekly shopping needs. Comfortably fit up to 652 litres of groceries at once. Its side-by-side door design will make sure that you can find anything you need at a glance.

Electronic Touch Control
With the touch of a button, the user-friendly digital control panel lets you quickly and easily change the temperature inside the fridge or freezer and activate special functions such as the ECO or Holiday modes for saving energy.

Multi-use Beverage Tray
Utilising a convenient ridged design, store bottles of wine, juice or cans of soft drink with ease, as well as meats and fresh produce as you can simply remove the tray for meal preparation.

Double Crisper Drawers
The twin crisper drawers provide enough space to store all your fruits and veggies and are designed to keep your produce fresh.

XXL Door Balcony
A big door balcony lets you safely store bigger & taller items inside the door. It can handle bulky cartons of milk and juice and two rows of drinks cans and bottles.

Super Cool
The Super Cool mode lets you drop the temperature of your fridge quickly, to help keep your newly purchased food fresh. This is a great way to help keep the flavour, colour and nutritional value of your food, and is a great way to cool down your drinks quickly.

Super Freeze
The Super Freeze mode blasts your freezer with even cooler air, reducing the temperature to below -23°C. This rapid chilling will help preserve the nutrients, texture and freshness of your food.

ConnectLife Enabled
With in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control this fridge’s temperature settings wherever you are via the Hisense ConnectLife app.

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